Your Views

We value the views of Parents and Carers.

We work in partnership with Parents, Carers Professionals and all stakeholders to ensure that you are informed and can give us information about how we might further improve.

As part of our annual evaluation schedule we offer

  • Home visit
  • Liaison with health visitors and other Professionals
  • Regular Parents evenings 3 time a year (November, March and June)
  • Annual Parent Survey (Spring Term)
  • Opportunities to share learning journeys

Information gathered at all of these events, alongside other evaluations are incorporated into our Improvement Plans, which are shared with parents and displayed on this website.

If you do have feedback which you wish to share please

  • speak to any member of staff
  • ask to see Headteacher 
  • pop into the office
  • call us on 01865 452725 or
  • Email

Ofsted also gather information, Click here to give your Parent View.

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