Wheatley Nursery school can offer 12 places per session under 3s and 40 places per session for 3-5 year olds.  Your child can start Nursery at any stage from the term after their second birthday and stay until they are 5.

Children join us from a number of local villages across South Oxfordshire including Wheatley, Holton, Forest Hill, Waterperry, Waterstock, Cuddesdon and Garsington.

Children’s names can be added to our waiting list at any time from birth.  We will contact you as your child approaches their second birthday to begin the registration process.  At this time you can let us know if you would like a place for your child when they are 2 or if you would rather remain on the waiting list until he/she is older.

Some children have already spent time in other nurseries, attended toddler groups or spent time with childminders.  For other children, this is the first step away from home comforts.  All children are encouraged to come and visit nursery on one of our open afternoons, or come to nursery for a short visit with their parent/carer, so that they can start to feel comfortable in new surroundings.

Before their first day, their key person will visit them at home to make sure any questions can be answered before the first day.

Once your child starts nursery

When attendance is consistent it helps children to become familiar with the routines of the nursery, build relationships with the adults, and more importantly build relationships with other children.

Moving On

Applications for Primary School places must be made through the Oxfordshire County Council Admissions Team – visit for more information. Alternatively, you can phone them on 01865 815175 or send an email to

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