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School Improvement Update

Strategic Priority 2: High quality learning will ensure children are motivated, engaged and challenged through skillfully planned teaching ensuring  children’s interests are at the heart of learning. (B, D, E and G)

We have been busy researching ways to improve the learning environment.

We have decided the “Less is more”, too much equipment means that children are not able to see the most valuable resources available to them.  This is an interesting article which helped us The Kavanaugh Report: Purging your Toys. We have also visited another Nursery School, who have been though this journey recently. Thankyou to everyone at Lydalls, who were a real inspiration to us.

We have reorganised the units so there are big spaces for the wooden blocks and removed some boxes so the resources we have planned to support the learning are visible and accessible.
  • We have created flexible areas which enhance the flow of learning throughout
  • Using open ended equipment such as wooden blocks, collections of spoons, stones etc ensure our continuous provision is high quality, which develop children’s imaginations.
  • Provision is enhanced by resources planned for that day or possibly a week. Which are rotated according to planning and analysis of data and enables us to follow children’s interests.
  • We have ensured there are opportunities for reading, writing and maths in every area. (we do this quite well anyway but sometimes it was missed by children)

Finally, we continue to make the environment look natural and flexible as it reflects our attitude to teaching and learning.

We have already observed the children are enjoying our new approach and will continue to reflect and adapt according to research and observations of our children.
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