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Assessment and Progress Information


  Progress Data for Wheatley Nursery  School – End of year 2017                                                               

We are very pleased with the progress our children have made this year at  Nursery School.  We collate assessments 3 times a year, and triangulate this against on-going observations, daily assessments and evidence of work, which is moderated to ensure we limit judgement creep.

Our latest progress data is very impressive …

Area of Learning % children making Good/Better Progress % of children achieving Age Related Expectations or above
June 2017 – PROGRESS June 2017 – ATTAINMENT

Prime Areas of Learning

Personal, Social and Emotional Development 92% 88%
Communication and Language 89% 86%
Physical Development 87% 91%

Specific Areas of Learning

Literacy 84% 74%
Mathematics 90% 84%
Understanding of the World 90% 82%
Expressive Arts and Design 85% 86%


All children develop at different rates and watching them blossom is a joy.  Children have so many more skills than these measurable areas and it is important to recognise and value their uniqueness.  We always ensure that we consider and plan for the development of the whole child and use our individual characteristics of effective learning information to enable us to meet individual needs.

We report progress and attainment to parents/carers at parents evenings, 3 times a year, which is then summed up in the written Annual Report in July.

Please see below for suggestions to support learning at home.

Suggestions to support learning at home

Area of Learning PSE Physical Communication and Language
Discuss who is in your family
Play a turn taking game
Put your own shoes and socks on
Can you put your coat on without any help
Discuss good and bad choices
Draw a picture
Walk down the stairs 1 foot to each stair
Go to the park and climb on a climbing frame
Play catch with a ball
Make a den
Make an obstacle course, big and little
Talk about one thing you have done in the day
Describe your Mummy
Talk about your favourite things
Describe your favourite dinner
Have a pretend telephone call with a toy/friend
Re-tell a known story to your family
Follow instructions, then make them longer – go and get an apple, put your coat on , stand on one foot and sing a song
Language and Literacy Mathematics Understanding of the World Expressive Arts and Design
Go on a hunt for things that begin with the initial letter of your name/other letters
Listen to a story
Find the first word on every page
Find and discuss the title page in a book
Can you find the full stops on the page?
Make a note of all the environmental signs you can read when you are out and about
Count the stairs/steps
Find as many big things as you can, which is the biggest/smallest?
Match the family socks while helping with the washing
Set the table for dinner, making sure everyone has the same cutlery
Look for repeated patterns in your house or when out and about
Go on a number hunt/how many squares can you find?
Count how many red cars you see on a journey
Talk about the weather and what clothes you will need to wear
Make a collection of natural things on a walk
Go on a minibeast hunt/road sign hunt
Talk to your Granny about when she was young
Look at old pictures of you as a baby and discuss what you can do now, that you couldn’t do then
Talk about your holidays
Make a list of all the different modes of transport
Act out a scene from your favourite story
Make up a song
Make up a dance
Draw a self portrait
Draw your family
Play an imaginative game – pretend to be a fairy/pirate/shop keeper/fireman/nurse etc.
Play instruments and pretend to be in a band